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What type of design clients are you interested in?

I love working with rebranding clients, I also love working with startups and new businesses who have a vision &/O proof of concept.

What type of programs do you use to do your work?

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Google, & Lightroom.

How long on average does it take to complete a project?

It's completely based on the agreed scope and everything is subject to change. As of now new branding projects take 5-6 weeks, and rebrands take 4-7 weeks (excluding website)

Do you work with all type(s) of clients?

Depending on the scope, time, budget, and the intention of the project (or questionnaire) I am able to properly vet a client a during a consult if we can work with each other.

What is your mission when designing for clients?

To build longevity & sustainability through storytelling and color theory. 



Can I commission Precious?

For commercial and corporate opportunities, please reach out at | for all commissions request please head over to the commissions tab.

Are custom print sizes available?

Custom print sizes are not available at this time. Digital downloads are also unavailable.

What style do you create with in mind?

If having to choose something specific, I would say — black pop art, conceptual futurism vibes. 

What type of art collaborations do you desire?

Clients that have intention on serving / helping underrepresented communities in some type of way.

What is the mission of your art?

My art is for women who finally found a place of safety outside of themselves and they want to turn that space into their own.

Why don't I see the print I wanted to purchase?

Not every single piece of art made/seen on social media will be available for purchase. The shop is updated periodically. To get notified about new prints available, please sign up for the newsletter.

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